Breitling TransOcean 38 Luxury Watch Review

When it comes to aviation-related luxury watches, Breitling is a name that is likely familiar to most people. As for myself, while I have been aware of the brand, I never really saw any watches in the lineup that appealed to me. To begin with, I am not a pilot, so most of the functionality that the more famous pieces offer was lost on me, and just made for (to my eye) a rather cluttered and complicated dial. This view of the brand’s products got flipped right around when I first saw photos of the Breitling Transocean 38 Replica Watches, so I knew we needed to get one in for a review.Since it was the dial that caught my eye first, we will start there. While there are four options it was the black dial that really spoke to me. This was odd, as I seem to lean towards lighter dials, but the reasoning was quite simple. With the black dial, the polished indices and hands stand out crisply against the matte black dial, making for an extremely legible dial.

Another feature of the dial I really grew to appreciate while I had time with the watch was the subdial. Here again, crisp white markers and a polished hand stand out against the dial, making things quite legible. What I really liked about this particular design is that there is not actually a circle marking out the subdial – just the indices and a crosshair. This allows the subseconds to sort of fade away until you actually want to focus on them. In much the same way, the large, two-disc date window is the same. With the black background used there, the date can, again, remain not distracting until you need it, keeping your “at-a-glance” really focused in on the current time. It’s a shame, in some regards, that Cheap Breitling Replica did choose to outline the date window; I would have preferred it to be “unlined” to allow it to further blend in.

Now, for the twist that I mentioned that the Breitling Transocean 38 has. With the Ocean Classic: Steel bracelet, you might expect that you adjust the sizing by manner of unclamping the clasp, sliding it along the bracelet to the desired spot, and the latching it back down. This is what we generally see on thinner mesh bracelets, and it’s a simple method of adjustment. Here, Breitling Replica Watches actually has made a fairly thick mesh bracelet. Along with that, they actually do have removable links that you use to size the bracelet, along with micro-adjustment holes on the clasp. While this means you may not have near as custom of a fit as you would with a sliding clasp, you do get a good fit without the bulk of any unnecessary mesh being doubled up.

While it is a touch smaller than I normally wear (that is, when I wear my own watches), it worked well on my 7.25″ wrist, especially when I was headed to the office or had a suit on. I will say that the Breitling Replica UK feels taller than it’s 12.75mm spec would suggest. This is partially due to the raised sapphire crystal, but also because of the smaller diameter case – it simply is a matter of proportion. Fortunately, you do get used to this very quickly, and of course, there are no issues slipping it under a cuff.