Panerai Luminor Limited Edition Watch 35th America’s Cup

Panerai is synonymous with the sea. After all, the brand’s name is the Royal Navy’s production of marine instruments. These days, Cheap Panerai Replica Watches no longer makes military tools, but it is loyal to its marine roots as a partner to various yacht clubs and regattas around the world.

The Paneristis will immediately notice the similar Cheap Panerai Replica Design Pier 1950 3-day automatic Acciaio 44 mm.Panerai’s Design Marina 1950 America’s Cup 3 Day Auto Acciaio 44mm is also the same 44mm stainless steel 1950 style design case and the self-winding P.9010 Sport with the Panerai Design Pier 1950 3-Day Auto Acciaio 44mm.

The key feature that distinguishes this special edition is the phrase “American Cup” printed on the blue 6 o’clock and the amazing red seconds of the hand. Best Panerai Replica Watches is also unique in designing the 1950 America’s Cup 3-day automatic Acciaio 44mm watch strap that is made from a natural untreated leather embossed logo in the America’s Cup and contrasted with contrasting red and blue stitching carry out. The water resistance is a very full 300 meters.

Panerai Replica Watch is also the official partner team of Softbank Japan. They are a team that will participate in the Louis Vuitton Cup to determine who has the right to challenge Oracle. So it is suitable, this watch is Panerai Design Bin 1950 Japan Softbank team 3 days automatic Acciaio 44 m, specifically for the Japanese Softbank team. Similar to other watches, you will notice that small changes are like the distinction of white stitching.

Next, we have three Oracle teams that were created specifically by Fake Panerai Watches. Panerai is also the official partner of the Oracle team, the defender of the 35 America’s Cup.

Panerai Mare Nostrum Chronograph PAM716 Watch Back

Cheap Panerai Replica Watches once again returned to what they called “our ocean.” Panerai’s Haiji Timepiece PAM716 (PAM00716) was a surprise, releasing Officine Panerai in the mid-2017, in fact not only pre-Richemont days return to the source It is also the brand’s first chronograph, produced during World War II… or after a while.

Historically, our sea represents the name of “our ocean” in Latin and the Roman of the Mediterranean. However, if you are more relevant to the history of Panerai Replica Watches, you will know that our sea is the company’s first chronograph name, said to be a deck officer in the Italian Navy.

You will imagine that due to the reputation of Fake Panerai Watches in the mid-20th century, and the horrific circumstances of the Second World War, the original prototype of the sea is a suitable monstrum watch. First, it measured some 52mm wide and was named the Roman after the first use of the sea word, okay, and later by the Italian nationalists first reunited the Italian fascist in 1861, then the second World War II. Therefore, the origin of the name “sea” can be traced back to the era of the expansion of the Roman Empire, but really do not need to look back, knowing at the time why it was appointed Italy’s early 1940s.

Interestingly, most sources claim that the 1943 prototype of the sea has never been put into production because of the tribulations of war, sounds like a lazy explanation, because at other times than the war will watch the watch specifically for military real use? In short, Best Panerai Replica Watches also produced the sea under the name of other equipment, so they are not too keen on watching when they are keen on this name, it seems. Other Panerai sea items, including delay and torpedo timing equipment and other explosives used by the Italian army during World War II, examined the impressive Haiji timepiece with a Minerva caliber and some beautiful vibration damping equipment. .

Added to all of these studies, Mr. Mu Pereztroika carried out, read here, you will understand that our sea case design is actually closer to what Panerai has been doing in the mid-1950s, not in the early 1940s. Panerai Replica has a rather bad record history and the sea is one of the most appropriate examples, there is an actual detailed image of the 50s, you see further above, that is. However, the sea does exist, and this is the fact that everyone decides how much weight they give or whether the Italian Navy commander swayed it during World War II.

Don’t worry, though, if you think this new version is as big as it was about 74 years ago, or its 52mm tribute-pieces from 2010 and 2015. Panerai’s Haiji Timepiece PAM716 measures only 42 mm wide. This is not a new discovery. There are some limited edition versions of the Panerai pre-Vendome era. By the way, this basically means pre-Richemont (the name has changed, but nothing else). In one respect, “pre-V” may be used so much, because Panerai, auction houses and brand fans may prefer to call the fuzzy “pre-Vendome” instead of the “pre-Richemont” mortal watch hobby. Can understand.

Back to Topic: In the mid-1990s, Panerai introduced the reference 5218-301/one 42mm wide in appearance to the sea PAM716 that is very close to this new Panerai. Also followed by two Slytech shards, in harmony with Panerai’s romance and actor Stallone culminate, in fact, has done a lot to help expose the majority of the brand, who is still a fan of Panerai.

This subtly guides us to the new Panerai Sea Timepiece PAM716, which is equipped with a 42mm wide, 50m waterproof in stainless steel, a blue dial with a tan colored luminosity index and a main hand, km/h border, The strange and unusual OP Chapter 33 movement is actually an ETA 2801 Dubois-Depraz chronometer module. It has a 42-hour power reserve behind it, and there is no fancy Panerai internal movement, so it can be said that it does not make sense for Panerai’s expensive development of internal chronograph movements suitable for 42 mm.

Km / h border, please, a mysterious watch is designed for the ship’s commander. Add to the fact that this is a regular tachymeter scale, the same speed as other work units. Use this as a reminder of how many people are really using luxury instruments with tachymeter scales.

On the positive side, our Haiji Timepiece is an extremely unusual Panerai. The traditional piston-style chronograph, ast range finder frame, small size, nicely curved, long lugs, blue-tan single color combination will make any Panerai. This may counterattack though – the history of the sea is incomplete, there is hardly any document or the actual remaining part actually belongs to which era – which will raise the cautiousness of some flags, super-nerdy collectors which are almost completely aimed.

All this pointed out, it is very nice to see Panerai doing something unusual, putting the design and Radiomirs on the side for a while, presenting a look from them rarely encountered, I will not be surprised (in fact I hope ), Panerai is testing the water, I hope to see a more unusual and refreshing design.

The price of Panerai’s Haiji Timepiece PAM716 (PAM00716) is €9900 and the 1000 pieces will be limited.